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Donnybrook West Australia


Thursday, June 23, 2011

workshop 7th July

I have had fun doing the sample for this workshop, I used a sample image that I picked up somewhere. The trees are a resist with the cadmium yellow showing through, I am sure I am going to get better at this.  I thought the birds look pretty good, what do you think?
I have only used three colours cadmium yellow, cobalt turquoise (not a colour I usually like, but quite like it here, and a wash of sap green hue which the yellow shows through.  I think I like it, you know what it is like if you look at something you have made you become unsure.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Workshop 23rd June 2011

This workshop called Molten Lava makes me think of lava slowly overflowing a volcano and running down the side.  Of course the colours are different but I do love the way they stand out from the vibrant Cobalt Blue fluid acrylic.  A sparse layer of bead gel covers the blue and is dried, when it is wet it is a white opaque colour but dries clear and the glass beads sparkle.  Pours of Hansa Yellow, Cobalt teal, Ultramarine Violet and Iridescent Bright Gold mmmh yummy colours I also used some yellow Golden Airbrush paint which is thinner than the fluids and this floats between the glass beads giving a ragged edge.  Fun to do, I would like to play more with these mediums but I had a Vintage Fair to run after the June 9th Workshop, very exhausting but quite exhilarating.
If you would like to join this workshop next Thursday email me