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Thursday, March 3, 2011

sharing colours

Sample above is light moulding paste on pasteboard.  Light moulding paste creates lovely deep texture when applied thickly this is at least half a centimetre thick before trowelling, just like icing a cake.  Light moulding paste is absorbent and therefore you can create a lovely water effect, make sure you leave it at least 24 hours for the top to dry before painting.  The colours I have used on this sample are Golden fluids Phthalo green, Quinacridone Burnt Orange (this colour is so vibrant photo doesn't do it justice) and Nickel Azo Yellow.  Make sure you wet the surface before applying fluid colour, I kept adding layers to see what depth of colour I could get.  Mmmh I like the colours and texture.


  1. What do you think, please post a comment so I can get feedback.

  2. Love that effect's great to learn what effects can be got from the different mediums. Golden have so many and trying to understand what they all do is a little daunting so articles like this are really good. The colours are wonderful!

  3. Just to let you know that it's Julia from Karratha here.....:))